About Us 

At Jim James Creations We Take Pride In Creating Handcrafted Award Winning Products.


Our products are custom made to suit the needs of the client. We offer one of a kind pieces handcrafted with various types of wood specifically harvested in Northeast Oklahoma. We are located within one of the most diverse regions when it comes to our availability to distinctive wood species.

At Jim James Creations we control the entire process of transforming a rugged ol' tree into a beautiful piece of furniture or a forever cherished heirloom. Our wood is harvested mostly through urban environments in which we would recover the tree from landfills, the ol' wood pile and even local residential properties. Our business is truly a "one stop shop" in which we start with a tree and go thru an integrated process to create the finished product all in the same shop.


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Meet  the Architect

Jim James

After serving in the military Jim married his wife Cyndi. Jim and Cyndi then  devoted their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ. Jim became a Professional Equestrian as well as managed his family farm. Not long after Jim became a successful business owner as a Radiological Imaging Engineer.  


Jim started making wood products over 10 years ago after entering retirement. Jim will jokingly proclaim his wife Cyndi forced him to find a hobby to keep him out of the house and "out of her hair". Besides creating bowls Jim enjoys gardening, fixing things, attending Church, spending time with his grandchildren and pulling pranks on his great-grandchildren. 


Jim enjoys being able to display one of the many wonders that GOD has given us. Jim takes pride in being able to share God's gift with others to see the natural beauty he has left for us.

Behind The Scenes With Jim James Creations

Owner & Architect : Jim James

Operations Manager: Cyndi James

Environmental  Management: Wesley Littlefield

 Production & Media Manager, Customer Relations Manager: Kelsie Harper